Attention Real Estate Investors: If you are even half way considering Raising Private Money, pay close attention right now to discover...

How You Can Easily Raise Private Money
$300,000 to $10 Million+
By Perfecting The #1 Technique Proven To Get The Money Regardless of Income, Credit & Experience

These Techniques Are So Rarely Taught & Yet Work So Well That Even The
Big Name Guru's I Have Told About This Strategy Are Amazed By The Simplicity And The Incredible Results That You Can Achieve By Following This Formula

>> Here's A Small $1.8 Million Of Private Money Proof <<

Raising Private Money for Real Estate

But .. Let Me Tell You The Honest Truth

There Is More To The Story

To be 100% up front & honest about this, I have to tell you that...

I have access to millions of dollars more than just the $1.8M I am showing you here. So why am I showing you this little sample of proof? It's simple.

I want to prove to you that what you are about to learn works.

And, the best way I know how to prove it is by showing you that I know how to get the money.

I want you to study the little differences I am about to teach you to make a huge difference in your success the minute you start using my techniques.

What about you? If you are like a lot of other frustrated real estate investors...

1You have tried to raise private money by talking to family and friends and have failed...


1 You have followed other training systems to the "letter" and still have no private money...


1You are starting to believe that raising private money just won't work for you because you lack experience and credibility...


I want to quickly prove to you that what I am about to teach you works and that these are the exact techniques I use to attract millions of dollars in private money to my business.

You can access millions of dollars in Private Money too by following the same proven formula of trading quarters for dollars that I do.

Private Money can make you rich .. Because, for every $1 dollar you trade, you can profit up to $3.84 or more .. do the math.

That's a Profit Over...

In CASH in Under 12 Months

.. and the best part is that when you use the techniques you are about to learn, you will begin to raise private money whether you have ever done a deal or not ..

BUT, to successfully get the money you need to STOP SELLING and start attracting private money to you and your business.

This works for newbies & experienced investors!



From: Rob Swanson
Wednesday, 11:28 am
Broomfield, CO (while staring at the beautiful Rocky Mountains)

If you are serious about Raising Private Money, I want to share with you why most of what you've already learned won't work...

Don't get me wrong. You can raise private money. You just can't do it the way you have been trying.

And, there is a simple reason why. It boils down to credibility .. BUT, not the credibility that most would tell you is needed to successfully raise private money.

In fact, if you follow the teachings of most, you are almost GUARANTEED TO FAIL.

But, because I have successfully raised millions of dollars in private money - I am about to teach you what works and how you can copy my success.

You'll learn:

The scripts and words I say to get the money - PLUS - you'll learn 3 words that are sure to prevent you from ever raising money ...


The paperwork I use to structure my deals - PLUS - you'll get my line by line contract clauses that instantly eliminate negative cash flow forever ...


The 26 page private lender report I created to do the "selling for me" - PLUS - the strategy you need to let this report literally close the deal for you ...


The 2 Promissory Notes My private money lenders love - PLUS - this is the paperwork that helps guide you in structuring highly profitable relationships ...

I Have Used These Exact Techniques To
Raise Millions In Private Money .. AND.. So Can You

If you have tried and failed to raise the private money you need...then keep reading to learn what you've been doing wrong.

I am about to show you the exact mistakes that are prevented your success and exactly what you need to do to raise private money.

Whether you are brand new or already have deals under your belt, I am about to give you INSTANT ACCESS to nearly 10 years of discovery, trial, error and success.

I am about to teach you what you are doing wrong (usually because you are following a strategy that doesn't work) and help you instantly get results.

But, if your inability to take action stands between you and success, then the proven information in this system might not be for you...

Product Review - Aaron Kennard

"Multiple Millions in Private Capital"

"Rob's training has been highly valuable for my business.

We had access to less than $500,000 in private capital and within 6 months after his training we had gained access to multiple millions in private capital to invest with."

Aaron Kennard
Denver, CO


You Are About To Learn Secrets of
Raising Private Money That Most
Trainers Will Never Teach You

Did you know that banks have almost "stopped" lending to real estate investors?

Fact is without access to private money, you are at risk of missing the biggest real estate investing opportunity in over 20 years.

Cash is King and you are about to learn:

#1 proven methods to raise the PRIVATE MONEY you need to close your deals for cash...


3 must use private money clauses you can use to eliminate negative cash flow forever...


The proven presentation strategies you can copy from my step-by-step approach to "get the money"...


The #1 best way to structure your deals so your private money lenders are comfortable and yet you never have to make a payment...


Cash Buying secrets that will immediately help you buy 10% to 20% cheaper deals than your competition...


Exactly how you can answer all your private money lender questions before they even ask...


5 simple tweaks you can make in your presentation to overcome all of the obstacles that are currently killing your success...


4 easy ways to attract private money lenders to your business...


Who Is Rob Swanson And
Why Should I Listen to Him?

33My name is Rob Swanson and for starters I have raised millions of dollars in private money that I have used to buy and sell real estate for over 10 years.

Today I run a multi-million dollar real estate investing business and use private money to pay cash for all of our investment properties.

My students have raised tens of millions of dollars in private money for their real estate investing businesses following my exact system ..

.. AND my students come from all walks of life, backgrounds, educational experiences and more - they are just like you - so success is 100% within your reach too.

That's just for starters, keep reading.

Product Review - Gary Haddock


"Excellent presentation. Appreciate sharing of the details of marketing, scripts, etc. to facilitate our start-up. Thank you."

Gary Haddock
Real Estate Investor


There Is An Easy Way To Raise Private Money - Why Aren't You Doing It?

I am sure that you already know someone that is making a killing as a real estate investor right now, in this market.

And, I can almost say for certain that that person has cracked the code on raising private money.

There is no reason to struggle as a real estate investor in today's market if you will just follow the steps and take the actions that you are about to learn.

Warren Buffet

"Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy,
Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful."

- Warren Buffet


I'm going to solve your problems and teach you how you can copy my success to raise millions of dollars in private money.

Because .. frankly you deserve the same opportunity to raise private money in your business that I have in mine.

And, as you will see,

3 You don't need any special skills

3 You don't need a high school or college degree

3 You don't need to be a smooth salesperson

3 You don't need years of experience

3 You don't need cash to start

3 You don't need a big income or credit

If you meet the criteria above, I can teach to you to raise private money.

And, because of all the missinformation and failed teachings available, the fact that you have not raised all the money you need for your business so far...NOT YOUR FAULT!

Give Me The Next 7 minutes
And Read Every Word of This Letter?

Let me start by teaching you 5 of the most common problems that are preventing your success in raising private money:



26You're Afraid That You Need Years of Experience to Successfully Get The Money ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery, you listen in on a live first lender meeting interview and hear first hand how my student walked out of his first private lender meeting with over $300,000.



You're Afraid That You Might Get Stumped By The Questions You'll Be Asked And Are Afraid of Looking Stupid ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery, you instantly download my complete Q&A guide, the 26+ page report that walks you step-by-step through your lender meetings - use this report as your meeting guide starting today.



You're Afraid Because You're Not Comfortable "Selling" Someone On The Idea of "Giving" You Money - You've Tried Before & Failed ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery you are going to learn the #1 strategy you can use to position yourself and your business so that you never need to "sell" to your private money lenders again.


Problem #4:

29You're Afraid You Might Not Structure Your Deals Right & Your Private Money Lenders Won't Accept Your Terms ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery, you will learn how to structure your deals by working with your private money lenders so that by following the paperwork examples I give you as your guide you'll get more deals done faster.



30You Don't Know Where to Start to Find Private Money Lenders ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery, you are going to learn 4 proven and easy "Cash Magnet" strategies you can use to immediately attract private money lenders to you.


Sounds familiar doesn't it?

You are just like most other real estate investors trying to raise private money.

You are wondering where to begin...

You are stumped by what you've already been taught and frustrated about why it isn't working like "they" say it would.


I know, I've been there too.

But, no matter where you are right now, I can help you overcome your challenges and raise private money for your real estate investing business.

Product Review - Nathan Adams

"Worth Every Penny"

"The training was worth every penny. Amazing how simple it is to structure these deals with a little education."

Nathan Adams
Real Estate Investor


Are You Serious? I Will Help You Solve Each Of These Problems And More...

The gap between success and failure in raising private money is small. Raising Private Money

A small few will take action and make success happen while most will just sit on the sidelines wondering why success isn't there - success takes action!


I want you to take action and use the tools and the training that I am offering you to succeed.

I guarantee you are closer than you think to the success and lifestyle that you desire...

BUT...You must make immediate changes in your approach to raising private money if you expect success.

I've Taught Brand "Newbies" & Successful
Real Estate Investors to Raise Private Money

I've taught countless real estate investors from all across the country the skill of raising private money.

People have spent entire weekends and thousands of dollars to learn my secrets and the proven techniques I have used to raise millions of dollars.

(Frankly, this offer could cause quite a stir because of the amount of money people have paid me to learn this information...)

Product Review - Jonathan Dugan

"There Was No Fluff"

"Your private money class was GREAT! The content was phenomenal and there was no fluff! You're the best!"

Jonathan Dugan
Real Estate Investor


My Question To You Is SIMPLE -
Do You Want Private Money? Yes or No.

If your answer is: "Yes, I Want To Raise Private Money And Explode My Business"

And, if you are serious about your success as a real estate investor...

I want you to invest less than the cost of an average dinner in your education today.

When you do I will take you immediately to my training center where I will teach you my proven:

Get-It-Done presentation techniques and exactly how to frame your'll learn the secret to "how you start your conversation" will determine your results

Killer scripts which follow my proven and simple Q&A guide to help you get the cash...remember truth, integrity and accurate answers always win

Paperwork and "contract clauses" I use to eliminate payments...using these clauses help to increase the interest you can pay your lenders and help you raise more money

Over 3 hours of audio instruction on Raising Private'll learn where and how to find the money

My 26+ page Private Lender Report with all of your questions answered...this report will almost raise private money for you

2 promissory notes with special "payment", "rent" and "flip" clauses you must use...these documents are proven to get results

The exact pre-built A, B and C lender payment schedules to protect you when stuff happens...and eliminate uncertainty for your private money lenders

And much, much more...

Product Review - Michael Ahlstrom

"Best Training On The Market"

"Best training on the market."

Michael Ahlstrom
Los Angeles, CA


Imagine Having The Cash To Close Every Single One of Your Deals in 24 to 48 Hours

Close on great real estate deals for cash every time and not worry about your funding...

Quit your job and FINALLY "work" from home...

Bring your spouse home from work...

Buy that new car, boat or vacation home you've been eyeing...

Send a kid to college (and not worry about the expenses)...

Take the family on more vacations

Pay off your debt NEXT MONTH and STOP WORRYING ABOUT MONEY once and for all!

Have more time for hobbies and other things you love (but don't currently have time for)...

Open a savings accout and start paying CASH for the things you really want, or just...

Become the bread-winner you know your family needs and deserves.

Product Review - Stephen Wendzel

"Add Another 100 mph to My Investing Plan"

"I now know how to add another 100 mph to my investing plan.

This training has really opened my eyes to an entirely new method of adding value to my investors. Incredible."

Stephen Wendzel
Broomfield, CO



Product Review - Mary Minus

"Multipy Your Business Ten - or Hundred - Fold"

"Great class. Having been a full time real estate investor for 4 years, we've done our share of profitable deals. However, this class has opened my eyes to a whole new level of opportunity. If you want to multipy your business ten - or hundred - fold, this is the class for you."

Mary Minus
Real Estate Investor



Introducing: Raising Private Money Mastery

If you are ready to take a huge step forward toward successfully raising private money...

...and are ready to ditch the old, unproven and wasted techniques taught by many, then Raising Private Money Mastery is for you.

It's refreshing, it's different and best of all - IT WORKS.

But don't take my word for it, you must learn it, use it and see the results yourself - in your business.

Here's what you get with Raising Private Money Mastery, you get instant access to:

32Raising Private Money Mastery |
#1 Techniques to Raise All The Money You Need For Your Real Estate Investing Business

The Raising Private Money Mastery training teaches you the power of raising private money and gives you the proven guide to launch your real estate investing business to new heights.

When you apply the information you will learn in the Raising Private Money Mastery CD and DVD training, you will be well on your way to funding for cash. You'll immediately discover why your success so far has been limited as you learn a new way to getting the money.

I will teach you how to 100% eliminate banks from your business and you will never experience negative cash flow again. You will learn how to make it impossible to ever make another monthly payment payment or default on a loan yet still you will find all the money that you could ever need.

TRAINING FORMAT: Instant Audio & Video | $294 Value Yours FREE


The Newbie Investor "Success With Private Money" Interview | You'll Learn Exactly How This Newbie Investor Followed the Raising Private Money Mastery Program Step-by Step & Raised Over $300,000 In Less Than 30 Days

Listen and learn as you hear the real world story of a newbie investors first time using the strategies taught in Raising Private Money Mastery course.

You'll hear exactly how the meeting came to be, the exact conversation that took place and exactly how this newbie used the strategies you're about to learn to raise over $300,000 in his first Private Lender meeting.

If the Raising Private Money Mastery program ONLY included this live interview, it would be worth every penny of your investment today.

FORMAT: Instant Audio | $47 Value Yours FREE


Private Lending ReportPrivate Lending Report | A Complete Guide to Safely & Profitably Lending Your Money For High Returns in Real Estate

The complete 26 page Private Lending Report is the step by step, question by question report that hand feeds you all the questions your private lenders will ask. And, it gives you the proven answers and exactly how to win in every meeting.

It is the ultimate guide to help you close the deal and build massive credibility to raise unlimited cash funds for your real estate investing business.

FORMAT: PDF Download | $197 Value Yours FREE


Claim Your Copy of Private Money Mastery Today, Click Here

When you invest in Raising Private Money Mastery today, I am going to give you...


You get over $530 in private money training material including audio, video and special reports when you invest today...

The Private Lender Report alone is worth 6 times your investment in Raising Private Money Mastery.

Download it today and start using this powerful report to guide all of your private lender meetings from here forward. This is a real "get the money" report that you must have.

And That's Not All, But First...
Here's What This Course Is Not ...

Here's what Raising Private Money Mastery is not:

It's not another PowerPoint presentation with bullet points you can't explain


It's not another watered down training that leaves too much to your imagination


It's not another worthless instruction that says "great deals attract all the money"


It's not another tip to "build a credibility kit" with credibility you may not yet have


It's not another half truth just to pump you up and get you excited


It is a literal roadmap...a Raising Private Money Blueprint of exactly what it takes to successfully raise all the money you need for your real estate investing business.

This training teaches you the the truth about how I have raised millions of dollars for my real estate investing business and exactly how you can do it too.

That Is $538 Worth of Raising Private Money
Education for A Ridiculously Low Price

Raising Private Money Mastery includes:

  Raising Private Money Mastery  
2+ Hours of CD Audio Training $97 Value
Yours FREE Today
2+ Hours of DVD Video Training $197 Value
Yours FREE Today
Newbie Investor Success With Private Money Interview $47 Value
Yours FREE Today
26+ Page Private Lender Report $197 Value
Yours FREE Today


PLUS...You Get $394 in Valuable Bonuses
By Taking Action Today

PLUS, when you invest in the Raising Private Money Mastery course today ..

.. I am going to give you my never before available "Cash Magnets Training Program". This course has never before been available.

And you get 2 of my personal Private Money Lender promissory notes absolutely FREE.

That's an additional $394 in BONUSES just for trying Raising Private Money Mastery today.

WARNING: Some of the simple techniques I teach in this course have NEVER been taught outside of my multi-day, $2,000 bootcamp but they are yours today.

Here are the bonuses you get today:

Real Estate Cash MagnetsCash Magnets | Overlooked & Rarely Used Money-Attracting Systems That Raise Unlimited Cash

The Cash Magnets training teaches you how to build money-attracting systems in your real estate investing business. If you are not using these techiques to raise private money (and I doubt that you are), you're missing one of the most proven, simple and powerful techniques known to man to raise all the private money you could ever want or need for your real estate investing business.

The scripts and techniques taught in the Cash Magnets training have only been taught in my $2000+ multi-day bootcamps and have never before been available outside of closed doors. This is must have material.

FORMAT: Instant Audio | $197 Value Yours FREE


Private Money Promissory NotesPrivate Money Promissory Notes | 2 Promissory Notes With Terms & Structure, Proven Note Clauses and Multiple Exit Strategy Payment Alternatives Already Built In

The Private Money Promissory Notes are the exact private lender note I use in my business to close real estate deals for cash.

One of the keys to "getting the money" is to address the "what ifs" up front as part of your promissory note paperwork. The RESULT: You Raise More Money!

You get (1) apromissory note to pay simple interest with a rental terms provision and (2) a promissory note structured to pay a rotating profit split with a rental terms provision and a 3 tier payment structure. Wait until you see this.

FORMAT: PDF Download | $197 Value Yours FREE


In Less Than 3 Minutes You Could Be Learning,
Click Here to Claim Your Copy

Be one of the first 577 to try "Raising Private Money Mastery" and get these amazing bonuses (worth $394) as my FREE gifts to you. 100% yours to keep even if you return "Raising Private Money Mastery" for a full refund.

Product Review - James Moreno

"Thanks Rob"

"Appreciate your creative mind and the opportunity to learn and share in your system! Thanks Rob."

James Moreno
Phoenix, AZ


Let's Recap Everything You Get

The Complete "Raising Private Money Mastery" Course Includes

The Complete Raising Private Money Mastery Course

2+ Hours Audio CD Training
2+ Hours Video DVD Training
Newbie Investor Success With Private Money Interview
26+ Page Private Lender Report
2 Private Money Promissory Notes
Cash Magnets (Attract Private Money) Audio Training
Yours Today (a total of over $700 in training material and audio)
Just $97
You Save $735


Why Would I Give You Over $800 Worth of Proven Training Material for Only $97?

I know it's like giving you $10 tickets to the super bowl but I don't need a real reason to give you a gift.

The truth of the matter is I've been tired of watching so many real estate investors struggle to raise private money by following unproven and failing methods.

So, I put this program together to help my cash buyers find more private money. My logic was simple - teach my buyers how I get private money so they could buy more deals from me so I make more money - we both win.

And, since I took the time to package it all up anyway, I am giving you immediate access to the same proven strategies that I taught my buyers.

I have no reason to teach you anything but what has worked for me for years.

That's why what you are about to learn in the Raising Private Money Mastery course works.

It's as simple as that and I want you to have it.

Product Review - Anu Rettig

"Great Understanding of What to Do"

"I definitely feel more confident and have a great understanding of what to do to get my business of the ground!"

Anu Rettig
Los Angeles, CA


Remember "Raising Private Money Mastery" Is Not Sold In Any Stores

This information is far to rare and valuable to be carried by any retail stores.

Raising Private Money Mastery is only sold by me right here on this website.

This information is what gives me and my customers such and unfair advantage over our competitors - we get better deals, make more money and have more fun in our business because we know we can always close for cash.

I Will Take 100% Of The Risk For Your Investment In This Education

I am so sure of your success with this program that I am giving you a 100%, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Promise.


11My Promise To You: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied that implementing the strategies and using the tools I give you in "Raising Private Money Mastery" will help you raise private money for your real estate business I will give you your money back.

Heck, even if you just don't like the color of the instant access download page or the sound of my voice on the recordings, just send me a personal email at any time in the next 30 days for a full, prompt refund. I don't want you to have any reason to not try my program.

If you return my training, I insist you keep all my bonus gifts FREE just for giving "Raising Private Money Mastery" an honest evaluation.

Fair enough? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this system today.


Nothing To Lose Try Raising Private Money Mastery Now

Only 577 Copies of
"Raising Private Money Mastery" Will Be Released In This Promotion Period

This is a TRUE Limited Time Offer.

I only plan to offer "Raising Private Money Mastery" to a small group of beta testers at the insanely low introductory price of $97.

Why, because my real goal is not to make money, it's to make connections to real doers out there.

I will offer Raising Private Money Mastery for $500+ once I have all the testimonials I need and have made some more partners.

The good news for you as a beta tester is you will get to ask questions and offer feedback that will be used to shape up the final version months before it hits the market.

How many times do you get a chance to be a part of something special like this?

Don't miss out.

Product Review - LaVone Adams

"Tremendous Opportunity"

"This course gave me a whole lot of insite into the tremendous opportunity out there that I had no idea was available and the realization that it is something that I can do."

LaVone Adams
Denver, CO


Claim Your Copy of Raising Private Money Mastery Now

Product Review - Mark Cohen

"Fantastic Rob"

"It was fantastic Rob, thank you."

Mark Cohen
Los Angeles, CA


Can You Keep These Secrets
"Just Between Us"

Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement

Because of the rarity and value of the information inside "Raising Private Money Mastery" and because of the benefits and unfair advantage that it gives to my few students...

YES, I agree to not share any of the proprietary information from "Raising Private Money Mastery" with anyone other than my employees or immediate family members. I realize that this is sensitive information and a big part of what makes it work is the years of trial and error expertise that went into creating it. I promise to keep your secrets. Please let me in.

Claim Your Copy of "Raising Private Money Mastery" Right Now for Just $97

YES Rob, I want in! Please let me. I want "Raising Private Money Mastery" Please Give me INSTANT access to this powerful real estate investing knowledge right now. I understand I'll get...

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The complete $97 "Raising Private Money Mastery" CD audio library

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The complete $197 "Raising Private Money Mastery" DVD video library

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The $47 "Newbie Investor Success With Private Money Interview" you learn exactly how this newbie investor raised over $300,000 in private money in less than 30 days in his first private lender meeting

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The $97 CASH Magnets audio training which has never been taught outside of my multi-day, $2000 bootcamp

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  The "Private Lending Report" The Complete Guide, 26 page report worth well over $197

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  3 Complete $197 Private Lending Promissory Notes

  • Plus Tons More

Your entire package is waiting for you to claim it. Just $97 gets you instant digital access so you can start making money right away.

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange button below.


P.S. I admit that this product may not be for you.

Life is a series of choices. I realize that not everyone will completely understand the power of my system. You may not be able to afford it or their might be some reason you truly think that you can't follow the simple, step by step instructions inside. That's OK.

Truth is, only a small percent of people (less than 2%) ever have the salt to become financially independent. The others are content to move around like sheep and work for people on top. God bless them because they have made me a lot of money over the years. Now you have to choose which side you are going to be on.

Will you create your own future, be in charge of your destiny and rise to the top or will you pick up a shovel for the next 40 years? It's 100% up to you.

Product Review - Erv Frisco

"Time To Get The Private Investors"

"It's time to get the private more holes in the picture."

Erv Frisco
Los Angeles, CA

P.P.S. If your a little afraid, don't worry that's a good thing.

Think back on everything you've done that was truly worthwile in your life.

I'm taking about things like: asking that special someone on a date...learning to swim...rock climbing...showing up for the first day of school...getting married...buying your first home...having a child.

What do all these things have in common?

Answer. FEAR.

Now think about your normal daily activities...things like: reading...watching TV...even attending a seminar...I think you'll agree that none of them are all that scary. In fact, they're probably downright comfortable!

But I want you to ask yourself, "Where have these activities got me so far?"

My guess is you won't like the answer.

That's why my advise is that you follow your fear...

P.P.P.S I Steak Either Way

Here is the cold hard truth.

I eat steak tonight no matter what choice you make.

Let me explain. In the grand scheme of things, my financial position will not be effected much by your decision to acquire my system, heck, it's only $97.

My kids will still go to the college of their choice, my wife will get the trip to NYC and I'll play golf on a really nice course.

However, your choice will have a HUGE impact on your future. This is really all about you and your dreams. Bottom line, you can't possibly lose if you take action.

Claim your copy today CLICK HERE

Product Review - David Huoang

"Beyond My Excpectations"

"The content is beyond my expectations! Real stuff."

David Huoang
Los Angeles, CA

This Training Is Real and So Am I

P.P.P.P.S. Just so you know, I'm a real person and I really do have an active real estate investing business. Here is my information just to prove it to you.

You Can Reach Me Easily.

My Office (mailing address):
5023 W. 120th Avenue, #102
Broomfield, CO 80020

My Office (physical location):
8671 Wolff Court, Ste 220
Westminster, CO 80031

Claim Your Copy of "Raising Private Money Mastery" Right Now for Just $97

YES Rob, I want in! Please let me. I want "Raising Private Money Mastery" Please Give me INSTANT access to this powerful real estate investing knowledge right now. I understand I'll get...

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The complete $97 "Raising Private Money Mastery" CD audio library

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The complete $197 "Raising Private Money Mastery" DVD video library

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The $47 "Newbie Investor Success With Private Money Interview" you learn exactly how this newbie investor raised over $300,000 in private money in less than 30 days in his first private lender meeting

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The $97 CASH Magnets audio training which has never been taught outside of my multi-day, $2000 bootcamp

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  The "Private Lending Report" The Complete Guide, 26 page report worth well over $197

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  3 Complete $197 Private Lending Promissory Notes

  • Plus Tons More

Your entire package is waiting for you to claim it. Just $97 gets you instant digital access so you can start making money right away.

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange button below.


Product Review - Terry Wenze

"Take My Business To The Next Level"

"Thanks for the tools necessary to take my business to the next level."

Terry Wenze
Real Estate Investor  


Here's Some Of The Legal Stuff That You Probably Already Know

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

* * This publication is intented to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. Raising Private Money Mastery is not legal advice and nothing herein should be taken as legal, tax nor any professional advice.  Neither the publisher, trainers, employees, owners, contractors, distributors, affiliates, nor anyone associated with this publication and/or presentation are offering legal, tax nor any professional advise or advise requiring a license.  You must seek the professional council of your legal and/or tax advisor and/or the professional services of someone duly licensed to provide such advice.

* * * This is not a solitication of funds nor is it an offer to buy or sell securities.



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