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From: Rob Swanson
Wednesday, 11:28 am
Broomfield, CO (while staring at the beautiful Rocky Mountains)

If you are serious about Raising Private Money, I want to share with you why most of what you’ve already learned won’t work

Don’t get me wrong. You can raise private money. You just can’t do it the way you have been trying.

And, there is a simple reason why. It boils down to credibility .. BUT, not the credibility that most would tell you is needed to successfully raise private money.

In fact, if you follow the teachings of most, you are almost GUARANTEED TO FAIL.

But, because I have successfully raised millions of dollars in private money - I am about to teach you what works and how you can copy my success.

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I Have Used These Exact Techniques To
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If you have tried and failed to raise the private money you need…then keep reading to learn what you’ve been doing wrong.

I am about to show you the exact mistakes that are prevented your success and exactly what you need to do to raise private money.

Whether you are brand new or already have deals under your belt, I am about to give you INSTANT ACCESS to nearly 10 years of discovery, trial, error and success.

I am about to teach you what you are doing wrong (usually because you are following a strategy that doesn’t work) and help you instantly get results.

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"Multiple Millions in Private Capital"

"Rob’s training has been highly valuable for my business.

We had access to less than $500,000 in private capital and within 6 months after his training we had gained access to multiple millions in private capital to invest with."

- Aaron Kennard, Denver, CO

You Are About To Learn Secrets of Raising Private Money That Most Trainers Will Never Teach You

Did you know that banks have almost “stopped” lending to real estate investors?

Fact is without access to private money, you are at risk of missing the biggest real estate investing opportunity in over 20 years.

Cash is King and you are about to learn:

Who Is Rob Swanson And
Why Should I Listen to Him?

My name is Rob Swanson and for starters I have raised millions of dollars in private money that I have used to buy and sell real estate for over 10 years.

Today I run a multi-million dollar real estate investing business and use private money to pay cash for all of our investment properties.

My students have raised tens of millions of dollars in private money for their real estate investing businesses following my exact system ..

.. AND my students come from all walks of life, backgrounds, educational experiences and more – they are just like you – so success is 100% within your reach too.

That’s just for starters, keep reading.



"Excellent presentation. Appreciate sharing of the details of marketing, scripts, etc. to facilitate our start-up. Thank you."

- Gary Haddock, Real Estate Investor

There Is An Easy Way To Raise Private Money
- Why Aren’t You Doing It?

I am sure that you already know someone that is making a killing as a real estate investor right now, in this market.

And, I can almost say for certain that that person has cracked the code on raising private money.

There is no reason to struggle as a real estate investor in today’s market if you will just follow the steps and take the actions that you are about to learn.

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy,
Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful.”
-Warren Buffet

I’m going to solve your problems and teach you how you can copy my success to raise millions of dollars in private money.

Because .. frankly you deserve the same opportunity to raise private money in your business that I have in mine.

And, as you will see,

If you meet the criteria above, I can teach to you to raise private money.

And, because of all the missinformation and failed teachings available, the fact that you have not raised all the money you need for your business so far…NOT YOUR FAULT!

Give Me The Next 7 Minutes
And Read Every Word of This Letter?

Let me start by teaching you 5 of the most common problems that are preventing your success in raising private money:


You’re Afraid That You Need Years of Experience to Successfully Get The Money ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery, you listen in on a live first lender meeting interview and hear first hand how my student walked out of his first private lender meeting with over $300,000.


You’re Afraid That You Might Get Stumped By The Questions You’ll Be Asked And Are Afraid of Looking Stupid ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery, you instantly download my complete Q&A guide, the 26+ page report that walks you step-by-step through your lender meetings – use this report as your meeting guide starting today.


You’re Afraid Because You’re Not Comfortable “Selling” Someone On The Idea of “Giving” You Money - You’ve Tried Before & Failed ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery you are going to learn the #1 strategy you can use to position yourself and your business so that you never need to “sell” to your private money lenders again.


You’re Afraid You Might Not Structure Your Deals Right & Your Private Money Lenders Won’t Accept Your Terms ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery, you will learn how to structure your deals by working with your private money lenders so that by following the paperwork examples I give you as your guide you’ll get more deals done faster.


You Don’t Know Where to Start to Find Private Money Lenders ::

SOLUTION :: In Raising Private Money Mastery, you are going to learn 4 proven and easy “Cash Magnet” strategies you can use to immediately attract private money lenders to you.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

You are just like most other real estate investors trying to raise private money.

You are wondering where to begin…

You are stumped by what you’ve already been taught and frustrated about why it isn’t working like “they” say it would.


I know, I’ve been there too.

But, no matter where you are right now, I can help you overcome your challenges and raise private money for your real estate investing business.


"Worth Every Penny."

"The training was worth every penny. Amazing how simple it is to structure these deals with a little education."

- Nathan Adams, Real Estate Investor

Are You Serious? I Will Help You Solve Each
Of These Problems And More…

The gap between success and failure in raising private money is small.Raising Private Money

A small few will take action and make success happen while most will just sit on the sidelines wondering why success isn’t there – success takes action!


I want you to take action and use the tools and the training that I am offering you to succeed.

I guarantee you are closer than you think to the success and lifestyle that you desire…

BUT…You must make immediate changes in your approach to raising private money if you expect success.

I’ve Taught Brand “Newbies” & Successful
Real Estate Investors to Raise Private Money